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Henry Ford Health System physicians, researchers and other medical experts explain and analyze health trends and treatments to keep you healthy, and forecast how today's research and innovative technologies will shape the future of healthcare.
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Dec 14, 2016

Henry Ford Health System Dermatology Division Head and Director of Dermatology Clinical Research, Dr. Linda Stein Gold was among a group of dermatology experts from across the country who recently developed new guidelines for how to effectively treat acne. She talks about everything from which OTC medication really works to the newest combination prescription drugs and a home remedy trend of using Coconut Oil to combat acne. One dramatic shift in how acne is now being treated is to get away from relying on antibiotics as a long-term treatment. Dr. Stein Gold explains that today, with the arsenal of treatment options available, there is no reason for anyone to suffer with acne. Several studies are underway in search of even more treatments including drugs to control excess sebum or oily skin, which contributes to acne.

Dec 12, 2016

Henry Ford Health System Sleep Researcher and founder of the System's Sleep Disorders and Research Center looks a sleep studies through the years and discusses what has been learned about the benefits of sleep and the negative impact a lack of sleep has on productivity and health. He explains that recent studies show a direct correlation between insufficient sleep and obesity and type 2 diabetes. He adds that some studies in children indicate that a sleep disorder and not ADHD is the reason for some children's hyperactivity.