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Henry Ford Health System physicians, researchers and other medical experts explain and analyze health trends and treatments to keep you healthy, and forecast how today's research and innovative technologies will shape the future of healthcare.
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Oct 10, 2017

Doctors are being trained all across the country on how to better communicate with patients and families. At Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, the Clear Conversations program was launched after the director of pulmonary hypertension, Dr. Rana Awdish, noted during a hospitalization that while the care she received was excellent, life-saving even, communication, however, was less than desirable. She explains how her experience led to an initiative that trains physicians to be more empathetic and look at conversations about health from the patient's point of view.

Oct 9, 2017

Sinusitis affects millions of Americans with symptoms ranging from minor and short-lived drainage and inflammation to chronic symptoms that can negatively impact one's quality of life. Treatment might include O-T-C symptom relievers, prescription meds and for some, surgery. Henry Ford ENT surgeon specializing in rhinology, Dr. John Craig discusses the most effective ways to reduce sinusitis symptoms as well as the importance of getting a proper diagnosis to help rule out symptoms possibly being a result of allergies or even migraines.

Sep 16, 2017

Beyond tree, grass and weed pollens that may cause seasonal allergy symptoms, some other allergens may aggravate your respiratory system year-round. Henry Ford allergist, Dr. Haejin Kim talks about non-seasonal allergens that can be not only annoying but in some instances, life-threatening. She discusses vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, and air purifiers, -- what's helpful and harmful for allergy sufferers.

Sep 14, 2017

Complications during pregnancy seem to increase a woman's risk of developing heart disease, according to recent studies. Dr. Deirdre Mattina, director of The Henry Ford Women's Heart Center, discusses how the Center's Postpartum Heart Health Program helps moms with complications such as gestational diabetes, pregnancy induced hypertension, or preterm birth, modify their lifestyle to lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke later in life.

May 9, 2017

Drug and alcohol addiction affects people of all ages and backgrounds. For those who have lost all hope, Dr. Elizabeth Bulat, medical director of Henry Ford Maplegrove Addiction Treatment Center explains that addiction is a treatable and manageable disease, much like other chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. She explains that drug addiction is an illness and not a moral issue or matter of self-control. Advice is given on how to increase the odds of achieving treatment and recovery success.

May 1, 2017

Allergy treatments have evolved over the years including newer generation antihistamines being developed that have fewer side effects, also the way allergy shots are administered has changed. Henry Ford allergist, Dr. Haejin Kim discusses why some people may not get the relief they seek from their allergy medicine. She explains when and how to correctly use nasal sprays, of which many are now available without a prescription. Treatment myths are addressed and tips provided on how to reduce indoor allergens which may exacerbate seasonal allergies.

Mar 27, 2017

If your're over age 50 and haven't yet had a colonoscopy, there is nothing to fear, says Henry Ford department of Colon and Rectal Surgery, division head, Dr. Craig Reickert. He details what to expect on colonoscopy prep day, the actual procedure, all the way through to discharge, including explaining why you're barred for the day from things like driving or even going for a walk. In Michigan 72 percent of adults that should be screened for colorectal cancer have done so, still, that translates into far too many lives still being loss to cancer. The key to saving more lives is discussed.

Mar 18, 2017

Colon cancer screening, unlike most screenings, is designed to both detect and correct issues which involves removing polyps before they become cancer.This has led to fewer people over age 50 being diagnosed with colon and rectal cancer and those that are diagnosed, experience improved survival rates due to the cancer being detected early. Henry Ford Hospital division head of Colon and Rectal Surgery, Dr. Craig Reickert, talks about colon cancer symptoms, risks, the importance of screening, why not to be fearful of colonoscopy and the younger age of some of the newly diagnosed.

Mar 13, 2017

If you are like many who are trying to manage diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, obesity or high cholesterol, in this episode you'll learn about how lifestyle changes and a wellness or lifestyle coach may be the missing link in being able to reach and maintain your health improvement goals. Henry Ford director or metabolic health and weight management, Dr. Tom Rifai talks about the big gap in American lifestyle that contributes to multiple health problems and steps that can be taken to reverse negative health trends. 

Mar 4, 2017

When faced with shortness of breath or a lack of energy, exercise may be difficult for individuals living with pulmonary hypertension. Yet, understanding how physical activity can help them, patients often ask Henry Ford Hospital pulmonologist, Rana Awdish to recommend safe, doable exercises. Combining her 20 years as a Yoga practitioner with her medical expertise, Dr. Awdish developed the first-of-its-kind Yoga program to meet the unique needs of PH patients, from the wheelchair bound to those with more physical stamina. The sequences are also appropriate for people with asthma, COPD and heart failure. The free video, Yoga for PH, now in several languages, is available to patients on DVD and online.

Feb 21, 2017

Finally we're starting to learn a lot more about cardiovascular disease in women, why mortality is so high and how to improve life expectancy. Dr. Deirdre Mattina, director of the Women's Heart Center at Henry Ford Health System, clarifies the "fake news" about cardiovascular disease. She explains how lifestyle, -- too much work, stress, sugar, sodium and weight in a certain area and too little play and sleep is taking a toll on women's heart health. Also addressed are how problem pregnancies, post menopause, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis may predict heart disease.

Feb 14, 2017

Scientist have been busy researching new treatments for a chronic skin disease that affects 14 million Americans. The chronic inflammatory adult skin disorder characterized by redness and breakouts, is often mistakenly thought to be acne. Henry Ford Health System director of Dermatology and director of Dermatology Clinical Research, Dr. Linda Stein-Gold, talks about newly approved treatments and others that are waiting FDA approval. The "new" topical medications in some cases reduce redness while others help to clear up the bumps and pimples associated with rosacea.

Feb 4, 2017

Sleep deprivation falls into two primary buckets, voluntary and involuntary, says noted sleep researcher, Dr. Tom Roth. Whatever the reason for one's sleeplessness, the consequences can be devastating ranging from being more likely to have an accident, reduced productivity in school or on the job, to having increased risks for depression, obesity and hypertension. Technology and our now 24-hour society is taking a toll with the light from computer, tablets and mobile phone screens causing a shift in our sleep patterns. Dr. Roth shares some important steps to take to improve your chances of getting a good night's sleep.

Jan 21, 2017

Task forces in the health care setting and in communities across the nation are being formed to combat the increasing number of Americans that are becoming addicted to and dying from opioids. Henry Ford Maplegrove Center addiction specialist, Dr. Elizabeth Bulat talks about how we've gotten to this point. She explains how the highly addictive class of drugs works and why these prescription medications and synthetic drugs are so lethal. The importance of treatment and recovery programs is discussed and information is provided on how to access help.

Jan 14, 2017

For more than a decade, Dr. Tim Rifai, Henry Ford Health System Director of Metabolic Health and Weight Management, has been helping patients learn how to achieve optimal health and overcome a variety of chronic diseases. He notes that there are five keys, or lifestyle pillars that are the foundation of good health. He explains the importance of nutrition and physical activity which his is quick to note, he doesn't refer to as diet and exercise; mind matters, environment and accountability are the remaining pillars. He discusses the role willpower plays in the quest to live a healthier life, as well as how depression or anxiety might make it difficult to apply healthy eating or physical activity principles.